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Google Drive Automation Now Available in OneCloud

April 2, 2018

We're excited to announce our latest addition to the OneCloud platform: Google Drive automation. Google Drive is the first of many new BizApps, and this new release is available to all users. No action is required to enable Google Drive in your OneCloud workspaces - it has been enabled automatically!

OneCloud supports downloading, uploading, moving, and even searching for files within your Google Drive account. Administrators will need to create a new connection within OneCloud to access this functionality; Google Drive supports OAuth2 authentication, so upon establishing a connection you will be able to authorize your account. Once you've added a connection, you'll be able to add Google Drive commands to any of your chains. Be sure to check out our documentation for a detailed list of functions available for interacting with Google Drive.

Growing the library of applications we support is our top priority as we strive to help users build, run, and manage their automation with our platform. Not using OneCloud yet? Contact us to find out more about how we can help users harness the power of automation and to increase productivity and lower the cost of ownership across your cloud-based and on-premise applications.