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Connect & Automate HFM and get ready for the Cloud

August 15, 2018

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) is a widely used on-premise software application that supports critical financial consolidation functions in thousands of the world’s top companies. The product has a comprehensive set of capabilities to address sophisticated consolidations, translations, allocations, and eliminations across multiple corporate entities and currencies.

Recently, OneCloud launched support for HFM to connect & automate the application across an array of applications that OneCloud supports including on-premise relational technology and leading Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) cloud technologies. The new OneCloud capabilities including the following commands: 

  • Load HFM Objects: Metadata, Rules, Member Lists, Security, Journals, Data
  • Extract HFM Objects: Metadata, Rules, Member Lists, Security, Journals, Data (native format & star schema),
  • Data Management: Clear Slice, Copy Data, Open/Close period
  • Business Rules: Allocate, Translate, Consolidate
  • Server Management: Enable/Disable Connections, Log Off Users, Stop Tasks

To see some of these new commands in action and learn more about OneCloud’s support for HFM, please visit the OneCloud HFM BizApp product page.

Going forward, Oracle is starting to encourage their customers to migrate to Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service (FCCS). To support customers on this migration, this fall, OneCloud will be announcing support with a Oracle FCCS BizApp and Orale OFC BizApp.