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Essbase and Beyond with Endless Possibilities!

September 28, 2018

Essbase has truly impacted the world of corporate finance, planning, and consolidation since it was introduced in 1992. Developed by Jim Dorrian and Bob Earle, co-founders of Arbor Software, the technology has been a breakaway success with a user base in the millions and used by tens of thousands of companies worldwide. 

Since its introduction, more than 25 years have passed. Light years in technology, so why has OneCloud introduced a new BizApp to connect & automate Essbase? The answer is simple - Essbase is a pure and clean technology with a loyal (and fun) user base that is now not only being used on-premise but also in a variety of cloud applications including Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Planning Budgeting Cloud Service. Of course, each of these technologies has its own specialization, but the common thread is Essbase and OneCloud supports them all. 

So how are the possibilities endless? Essbase is an extremely flexible platform with cubes in nearly every shape, size, and color that need to be managed. Moreover, with the ever-growing list of performance management and BI applications that co-exist on-premise and in the cloud, the points of integrations are nearly endless. Add to that, the fact that 9 out of 10 major corporations worldwide leverage some form of Essbase and you now have one big galaxy that OneCloud is working on bringing together. 

Learn more about the OneCloud Oracle Essbase BizApp.