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Slack it to me

October 11, 2018

Slack’s slogan is “Where Work Happens” – and that’s exactly why we’ve added Slack integration to OneCloud’s repertoire.

Slack is a messaging platform that has exploded in recent years and is used to help teams collaborate effectively and efficiently.  We stand behind that motto and believe that menial tasks should be automated.  With OneCloud, you can now execute your workflows directly through Slack (via "slash commands") without having to even access the OneCloud web-based user interface.  Additionally, you can setup OneCloud Chains to post live notifications to a Slack channel – truly enabling end-users to become self-sufficient when connecting and automating their Performance Management and Business Intelligence applications. Download the OneCloud Slack app now and get integration and automation at your fingertips... literally!

Happy Days! 

See Slack & OneCloud in action:

 Take a quick look at our documentation to learn how you can integrate Slack with OneCloud and a list of all slash commands.