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Introducing the Oracle Autonomous Data WareHouse BizApp

May 16, 2019

OneCloud is introducing the Oracle Autonomous Data WareHouse BizApp for intuitive and code-free finance digitalization.

The OneCloud BizApp for Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) Cloud Service allows users to easily connect and automate Oracle ADW with an array of cloud and on-premise technologies. OneCloud offers Oracle ADW connectivity with database-specific functions that include create, query, update and insert records. When combined with other technologies that OneCloud supports, the possibilities become endless and truly enables a scalable, maintainable and auditable approach to automate your enterprise.

To learn more about the Oracle Autonomous Data WareHouse BizApp download our Oracle ADW Product Documentation.

If you are looking to build a fully embedded solution to connect & automate applications used in the Office of the CFO and beyond, then take a look at our complete list of solutions or spin up your own free trial.