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Introducing the UltiPro BizApp

May 30, 2019

OneCloud is introducing the Ultipro BizApp for intuitive and code-free finance digitalization.

The UltiPro BizApp enables customers to feed integration needs by providing a programmatic interface to their UltiPro Business Intelligence Reports via a SOAP-based web service. By leveraging the integration between UltiPro and Cognos, the API enables the integration of UltiPro data in a variety of use cases from KPI dashboards and mashups to data replication and custom reporting front-ends.

To learn more about the Ultipro BizApp download our UltiPro Product Documentation.

If you are looking to build a fully embedded solution to connect & automate applications used in the Office of the CFO and beyond, then take a look at our complete list of solutions or spin up your own free trial.