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User Interface Enhancements & Handlebars BizApp

Release Date: 6 April 2019

OneCloud will be making enhancements to the platform on Saturday, April 6, 2019, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. EDT. OneCloud will continue to be available during the release.

This release is a minor release, with new features and a few platform enhancements that we think will improve your experience on the platform.

Featured Highlights

User Interface Enhancements

There are a few nice additions you will notice in this release:

  • Command dropdown search - Command dropdown fields now allow the value to be searched. This is handy to provide quickly isolate and provide instant validation when there are drop downs with hundreds or thousands of items.
  • Disabled schedule indicator - Chain record cards now provide a visual queue of the schedule toggle status.
  • Chain execution indicator - Chain execution indicator in the Monitor sections to indicate how the chain was started (schedule, trigger etc.).
  • Chain promotion warning - If the chain that is being promoted has unpublished changes, an alert will now be prominently displayed in the promotion wizard.
  • Reorder of Runtime Inputs - Runtime inputs can now be re-ordered to customize how they are displayed at runtime.
  • Command Descriptions - Command descriptions are now available in all commands. This new feature allows a description to be added to all command to enhance chain documentation.

OneCloud CSV Enhancements

To enhance our ETL and file functions in the product a few improvements have been made:

  • Strip Lines (File Utilities) - You can now specify negative numbers to strip lines from the end of a file. For example, if you strip line "-1" it will remove the last line from the file.
  • Stack Files (OneCloud CSV) - Previously only file paths that existed on a GroundRunner were available as inputs to this command. You can now use output files in previous commands and stack them together. Please read the Transformation BizApp¬† documentation for more information.

Handlebars BizApp

This new OneCloud BizApp lets you use your existing scripts and tokenize them with OneCloud Workspace and Chain variables. This feature is handy for flexible and dynamic scripts that are used with various command line interfaces such as Windows batch, Linux shell, Essbase MaxL, Anaplan Connect, etc. The following two commands have been added and please read the Handlebars BizApp documentation.

  • Render File Template - Renders the file template provided with the variables in the template replacement.
  • Render Text Template - Renders the text template provided with the variables in the template replacement.

Additional Platform Enhancements


  • The Execute MaxL Command now accepts OneCloud Workspace resources (files) and Workspace variables will automatically expand in the file.
  • The Script Runner now accepts OneCloud Workspace resources (files) and Workspace variables will automatically expand in the file.

Bug Fixes

  • Chrome auto-fill will no longer overwrite your connections with invalid credentials.

Each release contains minor enhancements, bug fixes, and (we hope) an improved user experience. Many of our best features and enhancements have come from customer requests, so if there's anything else you'd like to see in the platform, please drop us a line at!