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Transform Data to be Oracle EPM Ready with a Few Clicks | October 2019

Transform Data to Oracle EPM Ready  | October 9, 2019 at 2pm (EST) / 11am (PST)

There are a variety of ways to transform data so it can be Oracle EPM ready. Pick your approach: transform it in a spreadsheet template, leverage FDMEE or Data Management or script something. Each approach has its plus and minuses. What if there were another way?

OneCloud might just be the solution. With OneCloud all your on-premise and Cloud data can be seamlessly transferred and transformed between source and target systems. Need to load a flat file into EPBCS? Easy! Need to move data from EPBCS to OAC? Easy! Need to load OAC to EPBCS? Easy!

Join this session to see OneCloud in action so you can hit the “Easy Button”.

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Approx. 30 min