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How do I convert to a Cross Tab report when there are commas in the Alias from an Essbase MDX query?

Issue Summary:
Essbase allows commas in Aliases. An example would be "Cash, Cash Equivalents". This presents a challenge since by default Essbase tuples are also delimited by commas. 

Issue Solution:
To work around this:

  • Go to the OneCloud Essbase BizApp -> select "MDX Query" Command and set the Tuple Delimiter to a character like a pipe character (|). 

  • Go to the OneCloud Tabular Transformation BizApp -> Convert to Cross-Tab, set File Delimiter to TAB and the Field Delimiter to the pipe character. 

This will create an output like the following. Note that "XXX, YYY, ZZZ" is the alias for the member "Sales":


XXX, YYY, ZZZColaNew York23202358261219722484222024701720
XXX, YYY, ZZZColaMassachusetts14561719190514381360162018001250
XXX, YYY, ZZZColaFlorida620735821623570690770530
XXX, YYY, ZZZColaConnecticut944799708927880750660810
XXX, YYY, ZZZColaNew Hampshire353413459345320370430280

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