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What is the difference between a OneCloud GroundRunner and CloudRunner?

OneCloud GroundRunnerOneCloud CloudRunner
InstallationRequires installation on a computing environment inside the corporate firewall that can interface with the external OneCloud service via port 443.None
Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOSn/a 
Hosting, management and installation of the GroundRunner is the responsibility of the client. OneCloud CloudRunners are a part of the overall OneCloud service, and therefore OneCloud's responsibility. 
Data flow With the use of a GroundRunner, no customer data will ever be transmitted through OneCloud's cloud service.  CloudRunners interface directly with supported cloud technologies. As such, data will be transmitted through OneCloud's service.
On-premise and 
cloud integration
Yes - Full and seamless integration with both on-premise and cloud applications. No - Integration only between cloud providers. 
Native use of
applications APIs
Yes - Depending on the on-premise system, OneCloud BizApps will leverage different API interfaces and for cloud technologies, OneCloud will only use the  published REST APIs that securely transmit data via HTTPS (TLS 1.2).Yes - OneCloud BizApps only use the  published REST APIs of the corresponding cloud provider that securely transmit data via HTTPS (TLS 1.2).
Installation instructionshttps://support.onecloud.ion/a

Read the OneCloud Security Architecture white paper to learn more.

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