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How to Insert a column in the last position?

How do I tell the system to insert a column at the end of the file? If I use 0, it goes to the front, so I was hoping -1 would add it to the end, but that does not seem to work. Please advise

  • Hi Mike, 

    Thanks for your question. Currently this option is not support in the Insert Column Command with the Tabular Transformation BizApp. We have added this as a feature request. 

    The current workaround would be to use Advanced Query with and simply add one or more columns and fill the data with the value you would like. Here is the syntax to use with some accompanying screenshots and resulting data. 


    select FACT.*, "MY_VALUE" as NEWCOL from FACT

    Command Configuration

    Source Data Set:

    Result Data Set:

    If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment on this post.  If you need additional support, please contact us at

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