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Can GroundRunners and CloudRunners exchange data?

Depending on the configuration of a OneCloud Chain, GroundRunners and CloudRunners can exchange data. Here is a quick overview:

Configuration / SetupResulting Capability
Two or more GroundRunners operating in the same
All Command outputs (including files) can be freely exchanged
GroundRunners operating on different networksOnly outputs of type text, numeric, and list can be freely exchanged
GroundRunner to CloudRunnerOnly outputs of type text, numeric, and list can be freely exchanged
CloudRunner to GroundRunnerAll Command outputs (including files) can be freely exchanged

  • Recently a customer has moved to using PrivateLinks within Snowflake. As a result we have to use Groundrunners to execute Snowflake queries. However we can no longer email attachments because our groundrunners error out.   Can groundrunners not email using the notification system by design, or is that a config issue on our end?

  • Hi Carrick,

    Yes, by design, the built-in OneCloud notification system does not support attachments when a GroundRunner is used.  The reason for this is that our notification system does not have an understanding of any email attachment restrictions that may be in place in an organization.  We do not want to provide a mechanism for possibly sensitive or confidential data being sent outside of the organization.  If there is a need to send attachments when using a GroundRunner, the Email BizApp can be configured and utilized to send emails with attachments.

    Here is a link to the Email BizApp documentation: 

    Here is a link to customizing the email format when using the Email BizApp: 

    Let us know if you have any additional questions. 

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