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Can I access the display name of a Runtime Input Dropdown Field

I have a Trigger Event that prompts for Month. I use a Dropdown Field such that the month numbers are in the Values, and the three character month names are the Display Names. At points in my chain I would like to access the Value as well as the Display Name chosen. How do I access the Value?


  • OneCloud does not have a native function to return the Display Name and Value when using a Runtime Input Trigger, only the Value is accessible through the Variables panel.  

    A workaround if both the Display Name and Value fields are required is to create a Value field entry in the Runtime Inputs Value field that contains the Display Name and Value in a JSON format:

    Note that the format of the Value entry follows this convention: 

    { "value":"01", "display":"Jan"}

    More information about JSON notation can be found in this article: 

    Subsequent Commands can then utilize Variable transformation to extract both the Value and Display items from the JSON object:

    More information on Variable transformation can be found here: 

    If you have any additional questions about retrieving Runtime Input Values and Display Names, please feel free to comment below. 

  • Thanks Tony, that is a great work around!

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