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Dynamic Outputs are not working as expected

I am attempting to pull the values from three columns of the single row advanced query into Dynamic Outputs.  I setup and tested my RegEx Find String using Notepad++ using the output I copied from the query. I was able to manipulate as desired in Notepad++, however I am not getting values in my Dynamic Outputs. 

The Advanced Query


Where Full Year is a from a Trigger Event prompting for Year, and equates to 2020, and Period Number is also from the Trigger Event, and equates to 2 for the example.

The results look like this:

Start of file contents:  
End of file contents:  


The Regex match text looks like this:

^(FY[0-9]{2}),([0-9]+),([A-Z][a-z]{2}) $

I use $1, $2, and $3 respectively as the Match Results to capture the three values, but I don't get the data in the variable as a result. 

Please advise

  • Mike,

    Unfortunately you have not included enough information for us to identify or replicate the problem you are experiencing.  Screenshots of your current Command and its Dynamic Outputs settings would be useful.  Also, have you tried the Test feature of the Dynamic Outputs screen?

    More information and a short video of how to test can be found on this Knowledge Base article: 

    As a reference, here is the configuration I used with the expected results:

  • Hi Mike - 

    As previously mentioned, more information the better. This will help people better answer your question. Based upon what I think you are trying to do, the following solution should work for you:

    1. You seem to be adding in an extra space at the end. This space you are adding probably doesn't exist in the output and as such throwing off the match. I suspect you are adding the space since you are copying it from the OneCloud log window. Please note that an extra space is added to every line in this window because it is being rendered in a web browser. Bottom line, do not add the extra space because it does not exist in the real output. 
    2. I think your RegEx can be simplified as follows: ^(FY[0-9]{2}),([0-9]+),([A-z]{3})$
    3. If you want to pluck the three values, then you simply need to make sure you create three variables in the Dynamic output like in the example below. Please note that there are 3 variables and accordingly we are grabbing each value. Also note that the RegEx can be written in a few different ways, but to keep to your RegEx, I followed the same pattern.

    4. Publish and Run your Chain and you should have the following output:

  • Thanks, it was the space.  I did not realize an extra space was added, so when I tested in Notepad++, it was needed... 

    Anyway, good to know, and thanks for your help! 

    On a side note, if you can please help me understand the best information I can provide, as I was told previously that pictures were not good, that cut and paste of the text was the way to go, which is what I tried to leverage here...

    Thanks again!

  • Followup question:

    You highlighted the "Result" in the version that was not working, and it is set to File in the working version. What is the difference, as mine is working with "Result", and I do not see File as an option.

  • As for your two questions:

    1. It is super helpful to have a combination of content. In your original post, you had the syntax and the data but you did not share your configuration.
      • Screenshots help to share your configuration
      • Syntax that is cut & paste ready so it can be tested by someone else
      • Data that is cut & paste ready that works with the syntax.
    2. As for your second question. We used the Command List File Content to create the necessary output, but I suspect that you are using an alternative command and depending on the command, you might see different names.

    I hope this clears things up. 

  • It does, Thanks!

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