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Get SavedSearch Data

A SavedSearch was created that returns the following data:

 Date , Subsidiary (Internal ID) , Department ID, Account, Customer ID, Amount, Accounting Book

When I attempt to retrieve it in the system, I get the following:

account, accountingBook, amount, Customer ID, tranDate

I was given the Internal ID and the transaction type as Multi-Book Accounting Transaction. I do not see Multi-book as an option, so I chose accounting transaction as the saved search type.  I am getting data, but it is not the same as I am being told I should get. Could multi-book be the problem?

  • Hi Mike - we might need to set up a meeting to discuss this in more detail, but we can confirm that in regards to your last question, Multibook is not the problem and AccountTransaction is the correct selection.

  • Thanks, I have a request into the NetSuite guys asking which Rest API they would run, and what parameters they would use. I'll let you know what I get back, and how it works.

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