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OneDrive BizApp and enhancements to Tabular Transformation

Release Date: 4 April 2020

OneCloud will be making platform enhancements, Saturday, April 4, 2020, from 11 am to 1 pm EDT. The platform will be intermittently unavailable during this time.  Any Schedules overlapping with this maintenance window should be disabled.  

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Connectors (BizApps)

Microsoft OneDrive

The Microsoft OneDrive BizApp provides bi-directional integration capabilities.  The Microsoft OneDrive BizApp can be used in concert with any of the OneCloud BizApps to exchange files and data.

Read the Docs

Tabular Transformation / File Utilities

The Tabular Transformation and File Utilities BizApps now support the ability to split a file into multiple chunks based on a line count parameter.  This is a useful way to create smaller data sets that OneCloud can then process in parallel thereby improving overall performance.

Transformation: Read the Docs

File Utilities: Read the Docs

Tabular Transformation

The Tabular Transformation BizApp now supports the ability to cleanse a data file containing unquoted newline characters.  This Command is useful for processing data files that contain inconsistent new line/carriage return characters.

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The following defects are fixed in this platform update:

  • GDrive Move File Not Working (Ticket #1394)

  • ASO to CSV not working - missing rule members (Ticket #1618)

  • Unable to add Password to the Password field in the HTTP BizApp (Ticket #1626)

  • Chain indicates that it failed when completed successfully (Ticket #1633)

  • BizApp panel is cut off at the bottom (Ticket #1642)

  • Chains that have a warning in the history view do not show the Back to Execute button (Ticket #1652)

  • Unable to bulk load users (Ticket #1653)

  • Windows paths are not properly handled with JSON transformations


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