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Removing old Groundrunners

At this time, I can't seem to remove old groundrunners that are no longer in use.  Either the server they were on is gone or we are no longer using the server for OneCloud integrations.   There should be an option for us to "force" delete a groundrunner from the system.  It seems that if the groundrunner is inactive, it's not possible to delete it.   Are there any options for mass deleting these groundrunners today?

  • Hi David,

    GroundRunners that are now longer active must be removed from all Connections in order to be deleted.  Once you modify all the Connections to remove the reference to the retired GroundRunner, it can then be deleted.

    Please let us know if this helps. 

  • Is there a way to get a list of what chains are using what groundrunners?  We have many chains/workspaces, etc.. it would take forever to try to investigate what chain uses what groundrunner.  

  • Hi David, 

    I didn't realize that you still had a number of Chains configured to use the old GroundRunner, I assumed that you had already switched those over after adding the new GroundRunner.  

    I have added an item to our Roadmap review to determine if we can create an "in-use" feature.  I have also recently added an item for our Roadmap review to enable the mass update of GroundRunners assigned to the Commands of a Chain.  Both of these items are still in the review and prioritization stage.

    In the meantime, I will reach out directly as I have a workaround solution that is not yet documented but will be soon.  


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