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Dynamically Map columns for UPSERT / UPDATE / INSERT into Salesforce

Hi Team,

I am currently working on an integration between SQL and Salesforce. The integration is working great but I just wanted to find out if there was a way I could automatically pick up mappings of columns between the two? In the attached simplified sample you can see how I am doing the mapping in the Tabular Transformations - Map Headers task but each time I add a column for upload to Salesforce I need to manually edit the chain, adding this new column and mapping and then promote it through the environments.

Essentially I would like the chain to automatically pick up the new column from SQL (which I know we can currently do through a SQL INFORMATION_SCHEMA) and automatically add that mapping. I envision maybe a separately managed mapping file/form/variable that we read before upload. This file can just be used across environments or be deployed through the environments.

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  • Hi Uwe,

    In the May 16th release is the ability to describe a SQL Server table. This new Command for SQL Server will retrieve the table definition as a JSON object that can then be iterated over to achieve exactly this requirement.  Reciprocal functionality for Salesforce is currently being investigated but will not be part of the May 16th release.  I'll update you on timing of the Salesforce investigation and timing if the Command is possible. 


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