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Dynamic Sub-chain

Can I run a sub chain dynamically using a variable to determine which one to run?

I want to run one of a series of sub chains based on runtime input to the chain. Is it possible to form the chain name to be run from dynamic variable(s)? It seems like the chain to run is selected from a drop down of the available chains at development time.

  • Hi Mike,

    Good question.  That is not possible at this point but I will log this as an enhancement request.


  • Mike,

    I've logged the enhancement request (ID: 9228243) but one thing I thought about, you could use Conditionals in the immediate term as a way to achieve this.  Let me know if this will work for you for the time being.


  • Thanks Tony, that is what I was thinking, but honestly it makes the chain quite messy, as there are multiple places where I want to run sub-chains. Basically I need to split and rejoin the flow multiple times, which just puts a lot of extra lines and tasks in the chain.  I thought maybe if conditional could be like a case statement, but not sure that would help as there is no way to selectively route. I guess I can put the conditionals in the sub-chain, which will make that one messy, but it will be more readable as it will be smaller and more manageable.

  • Case Statements in Conditionals is an enhancement I recently logged and discussed with the engineering team.  They agreed that it is a good enhancement so that will be coming at some point although I don't have a timeline yet for this.  

  • Thanks Tony, it will be interesting to see how the selective routing works...

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