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Filter Chain Tags

Is it possible to filter on a combination  or matrix view of chain tags. It appears any chain that contains any of the selected tags will show. What I want to do is make it so only chains with all of the selected tags will show. Feels like I need a switch on the tag filter to be and / or.

  • Add-on thought, can I filter on technologies/biz apps employed, without having to create additional tags for it

  • The filter tags employ OR logic.  The AND logic (intersection) is an interesting idea and I'll run it by engineering. 

    In terms of the BizApp specific tags, in our June 6th release we are planning for dynamically generated Filters based on the BizApps used in the Chain.  You will still be able to add Filters manually as well. 

  • Looking forward to the June 6th release, that will be a cool feature!

    To be clear in terms of the  And/Or, I am looking for logic that will be the intersection of two chain tags, not the superset or union. For example I might have two or three different applications behind my chains, and each might have a GL Feed and a Budget Calc. If I implement Chain tags App1, App2, App3, GL, and Budget, I want to be able to pull the App1-GL chains or the App3-Budget chains. I think the only way I can do that right now is to have the 6 different tags.

  • Thanks for the clarification, I have submitted the enhancement request and corrected my above statement.  I swapped my conditions in my original post.  The above is now accurate in terms of how the platform works.  

  • No worries, all good and a great platform!

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