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Query my chains

Would it be possible to provide query access to the data behind the  my OneCloud chains? 

I have done this in the past with on-Prem systems such as Star Command Center, and found it to be an incredibly powerful way to manage the information, especially in large  implementations. I am in the process of building a chain that currently has double digit sub-chains, as it is more of a multi-purpose utility chain. As a result many of the sub-chains are copies of other sub-chains, with slightly different components. In a large implementation such as this it is easy to miss a required check mark, or not have updated a component the right way, etc. I find it much easier, faster, and more effective to interrogate the data with queries, rather than trying to open each component of each chain and make sure that all of the items are as I expect them to be.

  • Mike,

    We do not allow access to the back-end through any mechanism other than the OneCloud REST API.  That said, we have a roadmap item to provide the ability to export the Chain configuration to a document much like a technical specification.  We do not yet have a timeline for when this will be released but know that it is something that we intend to deliver.  


  • Thanks Tony. What I am looking for is more than a chain spec. I wan the power to look across chains and components, looking for anomalies and outliers. Maybe I could work with you to create a fixed list of available queries that can be filtered or exported to Excel. 

  • Hi Mike,

    As we get closer to developing the automated documentation capability, I'll reach out to discuss your thoughts.  


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