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Google Drive OAuth access

When I configure access to Google Drive from OneCloud, does OneCloud's  permission match that of the ID I set it up with? Should I use a service account? My question is if I have access to something I don't want generally available through OneCloud, or vice versa meaning if I want OneCloud to access something that I don't want my ID to access, it could be more easily controlled through the service account?

  • Hi Mike,

    Yes, OneCloud uses the credentials specified in the connection to determine which files and directories to which a Chain has access.  If there are assets in Google Drive that you want to exclude from OneCloud interaction, you can modify the security of those objects in Google Drive and/or create a new account in Google Drive and then reconfigure the Connection in OneCloud.  Just be sure to update the security on those items in Google Drive.  

    I hope that helps. 


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