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Slack Integrations

I am not sure if this is in the right place,  but I didn't see integrations, so...

Anyway I am not seeing the channel I want to activate for my Slack integration. How do I tell OneCloud to look under my other Slack Workspace?

  • Hi Mike,

    Our Knowledge Base has an article that highlights setting up Slack.

    Here is the link for your reference: 

  • Thanks, I have been using that article, but don't see how to change the workspace of my Slack connection.  Can you tell me where it explains how to change workspace?

  • Can you clarify which workspace you are referring to?  A Slack Workspace or a OneCloud Workspace?

  • Hi Tony,

    Yes, I want to change my Slack Workspace

  • Mike,

    I checked with the team and currently, if a Slack workspace needs to be changed then we need to do it manually on our side.  The request needs to come from the company Slack admin.  We have also logged an enhancement request to surface this as a UI function.  If this is internal to interRel, have your Slack admin send me an email and I'll coordinate with the team.  If this is a for a customer, please ask them to log a support ticket and we'll run with it from there.


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