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Error Exporting Dimension to File

I am new to EDMCS, and I keep getting the error below when attempting to export a dimension to file.

Are there any setup steps required in EDMCS as there are in PBCS when exporting metadata?

Elapsed Time: 100.200065ms 
Return Code: 1 
Exit message: Error getting applications 
 Details: You are not authorized to access the requested resource.  Check that the supplied credentials are correct (e.g., username, password) and that you have access to the selected application. 
Status: ❌ 

  • Hi Mike,

    Like all Oracle EPM applications, you need to have the appropriate application security to perform the required tasks.  I would suggest connecting with your internal team to ensure that you have been provisioned to the application appropriately to perform an extract.  You can test this directly in EDMCS by performing the extract to file process within the EDMCS application itself.  Once that completes successfully, then the OneCloud Command should run without issue.  The EDMCS documentation is actually quite good as are the video series that Oracle produces for it. I'd definitely recommend taking the time to run through their different videos to learn more about EDM. 


  • Thanks Tony, it is an admin ID, so I didn't think it should be permissions. It turned out to be a connection setup issue.  I assumed OneCloud attempted login when the connection was setup - apparently I am mistaken. Could that be an enhancement?

  • Yes this is on our roadmap currently. 

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