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Conditional logic else

Is it possible to use the conditional logic event to process more than one path? The way I understand the conditional branch event, is that you create logic that must be satisfied in order to execute the next step in the chain. Is there any way to branch to an else condition?

  • Hi Mike,

    OneCloud Conditionals produce a True or False value based on the conditions/rules specified within the Conditional.  Based on the boolean outcome (True/False), you can have success (True) and Failure (False) branches off of the Conditional.  That's current state.

    We have discussed internally providing the ability to have Conditionals support more of Case type logic when the outcome would be more than simply boolean.

    Hope that helps.


  • Thanks Tony, I don't frequently think about the paths/links that can be run because the previous step failed, and I wouldn't necessarily think of an unsatisfied logic check as a fail, but that will give me what I need, Thanks!

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