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Configuring Partner Portal

I am setting up an environment to do OneCloud training, and am wondering if doing so under my Partner Portal is the best place. Would it make sense to create a Training "Company" and then setup the different student workspaces within that to keep it separate? Would that also give me a unique org name for logging in? If I do go that way, what do I need to put into the Subdomain, and are there things I should be resource conscious of ie BizApps? 

  • Another question is will the users of the various workspaces be able to add connections, or is that an admin only feature? Is it possible to set them up as admins within their own workspace? 

  • You don't need to be concerned about resources but you should be aware of shared items such as Connections and GroundRunners.  If your exercises require someone to create a Connection or setup a GroundRunner, you'll want to account for the fact that you'll be in the same tenant.

    I personally would have people setup with their own tenant to keep things clean from a training perspective.  Obviously that does not apply to a customer environment but for this purposes, you'll get the most bang for your learning buck by each person having their own tenant.

  • Great idea, when I set each training ID as separate company under the Portal, what do I need to enter for the subdomain. Will I have to do anything special to use them again after the first class, beyond just cleaning up the chains and connections?

  • The subdomain is what shows up in the URL.  I would do interRel-TrainingX where X is 1, 2, 3, etc.

    I don't have a list of how to reset a domain as this isn't an activity that we usually undertake.  I would look through each of the components and just make sure you have a check list of what to purge - Workspaces, Connections, Runners immediately come to mind.

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