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Chain Notifications and Attachments

Is it possible for a chain notification to have access to files created during the execution of the chain? 

I have a conditional at the end of a chain, and upon  failing, I would like to send the files that were the cause of the failed conditional. 

Alternatively, would it be possible to email notify on the conditional? It does not appear to have the same notification capability as the BizApp commands.  

  • Similarly, access to the variables from the commands will be helpful. It seems the email notifications assumes the start of the chain, and not the end of the chain.

  • Hi Mike,

    When you say Variables from the Commands, are you talking about Dynamic Outputs that you have defined in the Command?

    I have logged an enhancement request for the ability to attach Outputs from Commands to Chain notifications.  Please remember, if you are using a GroundRunner, attachments cannot be sent via the OneCloud email notification capability.  If you require attachments and are using a GroundRunner, the Email BizApp needs to be leveraged.  


  • I am speaking about the standard outputs of the commands as you can see below, Only Runtime and Workspace are available, nothing from my commands...

    In Chain


    From the Chain notifications


  • Ah, we were saying the same thing but with different terms.  So to share knowledge, everything in the Variable pane for each of the Commands is an Output.  Outputs can be files, text/strings, JSON objects, etc.  So when I said Command Outputs, this is what I was referring to (same as your screenshots).  This enhancement has been logged. 

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