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Runtime prompts

I am trying to prompt a user for input when a step fails. Is it possible to prompt a user mid-chain? I tried calling a different chain, but it expects me to pass the answer in, rather than prompt the user at that point.

  • A Runtime Input is of the type Trigger. Triggers can only be used in the Start node.

  • Is there any way I can convince you that a different type might be better so input can be gathered at any point?  

    I can envision multiple use cases such as the one I reference whereby you will want to collect information from a user based on status of the chain flow.

  • I'll definitely log the enhancement.  I agree that it would be useful.   

    *Edit* Enhancement number: 10300991

  • Until Product Mgmt evaluates this request, have you considered using a Workflow approval?  While you can't attach a file to an approval, you can at least get an accept/reject condition and then take action in the Chain from there.  This could be a short term partial solution.

  • Thanks, I am considering it, it just seems like a bigger side step than I would prefer, but it can give me a path...

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