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Conditional Fail

If the last step of a chain is a conditional validation, should it set the chain status to fail if it does not check out correctly?

  • I now see what the problem is.  You have created an impossible flow.  You are trying to branch but you've made one of the branches dependent on the other branch.  

    If I read this correctly, the Extract Data Group should always run.  If that is correct, there is no reason to connect it to the Conditional.  What you should do is link the Extract Metadata Group to the Conditional and link the Extract Data Group to the Runtime Input.  Additionally, link the Extract Metadata Group "Out" to the Extract Data Group "In"  On this Branch, add the Skip Option to the Link.  

  • Hi Tony, 

    I think part of the confusion may be that there are two items we are discussing.  The first use case was simply being used as a validation - ie are two values the same. It was the last step of the chain to  confirm or deny the work of the chain.

    About 6 days ago I introduced another thread regarding failed conditionals.  The second case was where I wanted to check a condition and if true branch and run the segment, and if false, skip the segment and just move onto the next step. Now that I better understand it, I think this one should probably be moved to "run when skipped" link.

    Let me know if you think I should open one or two cases.



  • Mike,

    To close the loop on this and to share back to the community the conversation we had offline, here is a blog that illustrates how Execute on Skip works within OneCloud Chains: 


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