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Compare chains

Is there a way to compare chains? I can see a long term advantage for such a feature, but in the short term I am trying to understand what is going on with a chain.

Someone created a chain and in it email a file to themselves on one of the steps. While the file appeared to be there, there was no data in it. I copied the chain and sent it to myself only, but the file has data. I added myself to the original chain and  no data. They seem identical, but obviously are not. How can I tell what's different?

  • Hi Mike,

    There is not a comparison feature between Chains.  There is an upcoming feature that will allow the entire Chain including each Command configuration to be output to a document such as a PDF.  When this becomes available, you could then compare the configuration report of both Chains and isolate the differences. 

    To address what is different, you will need to review the configuration of each Command and/or Event in the Chain.  I would look at the Output and Input screens on the last execution of each Chain and try to identify differences as a first step.  


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