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Dynamic resource selection

Is it possible to dynamically process a file from the resources. I have a few resource files I need to process. I was going to build a list, convert it to JSON and iterate over it, but I do not see how I can dynamically select which file I want to run with.  Is it possible?

  • Hi Mike,

    Sorry but I am not exactly sure I follow your question.  Can you offer a bit more context of what you are trying to achieve so that we can offer some ideas or solutions?


  • Hi Tony,

    I  have a handful of resources that I want to dynamically select and process. To do this I want to formulate the file name of a file in resources.

    As an example, in my resources I have A.txt, B.txt, and C.txt. I want to use all three files to process information. 

    I created a list with A, B, and C and then attempted to iterate in List File Content command to display the content of A.txt, B.txt, and C.txt. I tried using {JSON  file iteration).txt in the file name, but it says the file cannot be found. Is it possible to  prefix my formula so it knows the file is coming from the resources section? 

    Alternatively, is there another way to dynamically specify a file from the resources?

  • Mike,

    What you are attempting to do is not supported.  The iteration does not evalute concatenated strings.  Instead, why not create multiple branches and use a Conditional to determine when a particular branch executes?


  • LOL, that's what I did in the interim, I was just hoping there was a more elegant way to accomplish it...

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