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Is "Resources" writable?

I want to save a config file to the "Resources" area of the cloud. I created a chain to read the file in and then write it back out. It says it was successful, however the file is not updated.

Please advise.

  • Mike,

    There is no mechanism to programmatically update a Resource.  Maybe I am misunderstanding your post but what you describe is not possible.  If you modified the contents of a Resource file within a Chain, you did that in the output created by the Chain.  Outputs are ephemeral files that existing in the processing directory of the Runner (Ground or Cloud) and are not live links to OneCloud components such as File Resources.


  • I used the file text output from List File Content to  provide the text to a create file.  It said it succeeded, but if you say it is not possible, can you recommend a best practice for storing a chain config file?


  • Mike,

    I am not sure what you mean by a Chain config file.  For the purpose of my response below, I'll assume that you are storing some set of parameters that are dynamic and are needed to drive a Command in the Chain.  For example, if I am extracting data from HFM, the config file that I would use would be a File Resource that is built as a template.  If that represents a similar use case then the below is how you can address it.  

    You can store the template of the config file in File Resources but if you need to make edits to the config, you either need to do those manually within the UI or create a template in File Resources, update it with Handlebars, persist the data to a disk or RDBMS, and then use Commands to retrieve the information back into a Chain.  

    If this does not align to your need, then I would ask for more detail in what you are trying to accomplish so that I can offer you other suggestions.


  • Thanks Tony, your assumption is correct, my "Chain Config file" is a file with parameters that drive the chain. As you suggest, I do in fact need to update the parameters through chain steps. The difference in my use case is that I was hoping to persist the updates in a file somewhere in OneCloud. It is a very small file, that I though could hang out in the resource section, but is sounds like I need to find a way to persist through a mechanism external to OneCloud.

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