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Balanced hierarchy

I am trying to use the  Convert Parent Child to balanced Generational hierarchy in the EDMCS BizApp. It results in reuse of the lowest level in the branch to create enough entries to balance the hierarchy, however I cannot duplicate the use of a member. Is there a way to concatenate duplicates with generation# or level# to make the new entries unique?

  • Hi Mike,

    Based on your description, it sounds like you have a ragged hierarchy, meaning, the number of generations varies.  Is that correct?  

    It would be helpful if you provided screenshots of the original Parent-Child file and the result from the Command.  If you can provide a small sample file that we can work with internally, we can determine if this is a configuration problem in your Command or if we need to log an enhancement request.  


  • Hi Tony,

    Here are two records as an example. I can do what I need to do within Advanced Query if it is not part of the default functionality... Data Prep might be a better way, but I don't know tool yet...



    Current output

    Gen0 Gen1 Gen2 Gen3
    Product NONE NONE NONE
    Product TITLE TITLE_SPR PR00003
    Product TITLE TITLE_SPR PR00005

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