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How to convert CSV to JSON and keep the value as numeric?


How to convert a CSV with numeric value into JSON without a double quotation in the result JSON?

The result JSON will be used as payload to do update in Dynamics CRM. Due to the double quotation in JSON,  the update Dynamics CRM command failed with updating a numeric data field with text value.  

Source CSV:

Col_A, Col_B

John, 10.5

JSON Result:

By Using "CSV to JSON"

{"Col_A":"John", "Col_B":"10.5"} (this one failed when updating Dynamics CRM)

Dynamics CRM is expecting the below JSON:

{"Col_A":"John", "Col_B":10.5}



  • Hi Ivan,

    The BizApp by default will wrap all key/value pairs in quotes.  The solution will be to use the Find/Replace command with a RegEx Expression.  You will want to use the find/replace under the "File Utilities".

    Thank you,

    Wayne Paffhausen

    Director, Customer Success

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