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Partner Portal

The partner portal is an advanced feature for OneCloud partner companies that allow partners to sign up companies and tailor their OneCloud experience. To enable the partner portal for your company, please contact OneCloud support.

Creating Partners Admins

If your company is a OneCloud partner, you will have access to the partner admins user group. This user group allows access to the partner portal. Please only assign partner admin permission to users in your company that will create and edit companies on your behalf. Once users are assigned, the partner portal will be accessible to those users. Read more about user security.

Portal Access

You will not have access to the partner portal until you assign users partner admin permissions.

Creating Companies

Partner companies have access to create companies in the OneCloud platform. You will have full control over adding and removing BizApps and admin users for this particular company. You can access this page by clicking the Create Company button with your administration page. 

Once you are on the create a company page, you will need to provide a name for the company and select the premium BizApps for that company using the BizApp toggle buttons. 

Company Names

You must provide a unique company name in order to create the company.

On the users' tab, you can assign admins to the new company. The company must have at least one admin user and defaults to adding the partner admin as that user.

Editing Existing Companies

You can always view all of the managed companies within your organization on the view companies page. You can access this in the Partner Portal section on your administration page or in the side navigation.

Once you are on the view companies page, you can click the edit button in order to change a managed company. This will bring you back to the company from where you can change BizApps and admin users further. 

Partner Branding

In addition to creating managed companies, a partner company can theme the UI experience for those companies. This feature is limited to licensing partners. Please contact OneCloud support to learn more.

Editing Settings

You can access the partner settings in the administration page or by clicking the link in the side menu. Once you are on the edit setting page, you can add a logo, primary brand color, and support channel. The logo and primary brand color will be visible in all managed companies. The support channel gives users of your managed companies the ability to reach out for help via email or an external link.

The brand will be visible on your company page as well as all the managed companies. If you refresh the page, your settings will be applied.

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