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Email BizApp

Core BizApp

If you would like to send an email from your own mail server, OneCloud provides a fully customizable SMTP BizApp for this purpose. While sending an email is a fairly generic task, having the ability to add context from earlier commands within your chain makes the email capability a powerful part of any automation.

Connection Setup

To enable OneCloud to automate the sending of email, you’ll need to navigate to the connection manager to create a connection. From here, choose Email from the service drop-down and select the appropriate Runner. Use the Email Connection Parameters to complete the setup.

Connection Example

The following is an example of a working connection. Please substitute with your own values. 

Email Provider Settings


The following settings are for various email providers. Please check with your company’s email administrator to confirm if these values are the same for your company.


TLS Port587
SSL Port465
TLS/SSL RequiredTrue

Office 365

TLS Port587 (recommended) or port 25
TLS/SSL RequiredTrue


TLS Port587
TLS/SSL RequiredTrue

Looking for another email provider?

If you do not see your email provider listed, contact and we would be happy to assist.

What's Next?

For documentation on all available Commands, see the  Email Command Reference. 

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