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Power BI BizApp

Premium BizApp

This BizApp enables connectivity to Power BI including exporting/importing data and managing the various objects that make up your Power BI deployment. For documentation on all available commands, see the Power BI Command Reference

Need a specialized Power BI Command?

If there are specific Power BI operations that your company is looking to perform to discuss the requirements and the possibility to incorporate the capability into OneCloud.

Connection Setup

Leverage the OAuth connection for your Azure AD application.

Tenant IDTextField
The Azure AD tenant id (e.g. aaaaaaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd-eeeeeeeeeeee)
Application (Client) IDTextField
The Application ID of the registered application in Azure AD for Power BI
UsernameTextFieldThe username of the Power BI user to authenticate with.
PasswordTextFieldThe password of the Power BI user to authenticate with.
Base URI
TextFieldThe Base URI of the Power BI instance. (Default is

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