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Version History

Versions provide the ability to view any version that exists in its history. A version is stored when a Chain is published.

Version History is License Dependent

Depending on your company’s license of OneCloud, the list of versions may not necessarily start at “Version 1”. Although OneCloud preserves all published Chain versions, the standard version history displayed is 30 days. If you want to extend your version history, please contact us.

View Chain Version History

There are two ways to view Chain version history.

  1. Select the ellipsis on the chain and select Versions.

  2. Edit a Chain and select the Version icon.

View Specific Chains and Version

  • To view the Chain visualization of a specific version, simply select the expand arrow on the version in Version History.
  • To view Chain details, select View Chain in the Chain visualization.
  • To view Command details in the Chain, simply select the Command in the Chain visualization.

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