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Chain Properties

OneCloud Chains have the following primary Chain properties

  • Name - The name of the Chain.
  • Description - Information about the Chain.
  • Allow concurrent runs - Enables Chains to be executed concurrently, which can be useful with Approval Workflow and run Chain within Chain. 
  • Disable execution - Disabled the Chain from being executed. 
  • Schedule a Chain - trigger the execution of a chain based upon an established schedule. 
  • Chain Variables - create or maintain static or dynamic variables.
  • Chain Triggers - trigger another Chain after the execution of the current Chain. 

The Chain properties can be accessed when creating a new Chain or when editing an existing Chain.

In addition to Chain properties, Chain notifications and Chain Outputs can be configured on the Chain edit form. 

Don't forget to republish the Chain when making changes.

What's Next?

Learn how to use Chain Variables.

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