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Monitor Chains & Activity Feeds

The OneCloud environment and OneCloud Chains can be monitored from a few different perspectives. In this tutorial, we will explore how to navigate the OneCloud user interface to see an overview and activity feed as well as view run history which provides visibility into seeing who ran what, where, when and how.

Step 1: View Activity Feed

  1. Select the Home on the side navigation.
  2. Use the filters to view different perspectives.

Step 2: View Chain Monitor Overview

  1. Select Monitor on the side navigation.
  2. Use the right navigation to filter on certain environments.
  3. Select Monitor on the left-hand navigation and the collapse the right navigation.
  4. Filter by Run Status - Success, Pause, Running, Error, or Warning.
  5. Use the Chain name filter to further narrow the search criteria.
  6. As required, use other date and time range filters.

Step 3: View Individual Chain Monitor Overview

  1. Select Build on the side navigation.
  2. Select Execute by clicking and expanding the Chain card or use the right ellipse to select the option. 
  3. Select VIEW LAST RUN to see the prior Chain Run.
  4. Return by selecting the BACK TO EXECUTE navigation button.
  5. Select the Chain Run History button (reverse time icon).
  6. Select any Chain to see its individual run history.

What's Next?

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