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Setup Chain Security

OneCloud security is easy to set up and provides flexibility to tailor access by different groups of users. In this tutorial, we will provide read-only access to the PROD environment, and Admin priveledges to the DEV environment.

Step 1: Create a Group

  1. Using the left navigation, select Admin –> Users & Groups –> Groups.
  2. From the lower right corner, click the Add Group button.
  3. Name the group: "OneCloud Developers" and provide a suitable description.
  4. Use the (+) button to add users to the group.
  5. Save the group.  

Only One User?

Please see Step 3 below to add users.

Step 2: Configure Group Access

  1. From the left navigation, select Access (below Admin –> Users & Groups).
  2. Select the "OneCloud Developers" group tile. 
  3. Set Workspace Permissions to Read.
  4. Set PROD access to Read and note that chains that belong to the PROD environment will expand. For those chains, set access to Execute.
  5. Set DEV access to Admin and note that chains that belong to the DEV environment will expand with the same level of access.

Step 3: Add Users and Test Access

It is difficult to test access with only one user since one user always has to belong to the Admin group. As such, add another user to OneCloud and then assign this newly added user to the "OneCloud Developers" group.

  1. Using the left navigation, select Admin –> Users & Groups –> Users.
  2. Add a user and assign the user to the group "OneCloud Developers".
  3. Invite the user.
  4. Confirm the email account and log in as the new user.

Using Google for Email?

Google email users you can add a plus sign and any word before the @ sign (e.g. to create a new user in OneCloud. This is a nice trick since messages will still reach you to confirm access to the account.

What's Next?

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