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Run Chain Event (Chain within a Chain)

In addition to manually executing a OneCloud Chain, Chains can be invoked in the following ways:

This short tutorial will explore the first approach, Run Chain Event

Step 1: Add a Run Chain Event

  1. Edit the chain "Simple Extract Chain". 
  2. Edit the chain properties.
  3. Add the Run Chain Command by dragging on to the pallet.
    (Hint: use the Find tool to search for "Run Chain" and/or use the top toolbar to jump to other Chain Events.)
  4. Edit the Command.
  5. Select "Triggered Chain" in the Chain to Run option.
  6. Save the Command.

Location of Run Chain Event

Run Chain Events can be added anywhere in a Chain making them very flexible.

Step 2: Publish, Run and View Triggered Chain

  1. Publish the "Simple Extract Chain" and Execute the Chain.
  2. View the Chain running.
  3. Click on the third Command, Run Chain, and navigate to the "Triggered Chain".
  4. Confirm that the second Chain executed.

What's Next?

> Schedule a Chain

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