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Chain Promotion Anaplan

In the prior steps, various Chains were created. Now it is time to promote a Chain to the PROD environment.

Step 1: Enable connection for the appropriate environment

OneCloud has the ability to enable connections for certain environments. This feature allows certain connections to be available for only certain environments and disabled in others.

  1. Select the Connections option.
  2. Edit the File Utilities connection.
  3. Enable the PROD environment.

Enable Connections by Environment

If an environment is not enabled for a particular environment, then you may see a warning message: "No connection available. Click this alert to add one."

Step 2: Select the Chain to Promote

  1. Select the chain that should be promoted.
  2. Click the ellipse icon on the right side of the selected chain, and choose Promote.

Step 3: Promotion Wizard

  1. Select PROD as the target environment to promote to.
  2. Map the connections. Select the appropriate connection based upon the target environment.
  3. Review the connection mapping and confirm promotion

Step 4: Publish and Run in the new environment

  1. With the newly promoted chain open, publish and run the chain.

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