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Configure your OneCloud Workspace for Anaplan

The following steps can be adjusted to suit your requirements but should provide a good framework to setup OneCloud to work in various situations.

A note about the examples

The following examples start from a new OneCloud tenant. If you have already been using OneCloud, then the sample screenshots and videos may deviate from what you see in your OneCloud environment.

Step 1: Edit your Workspace

Login to your OneCloud environment and edit your Workspace with the following changes:

  1. Change the OneCloud Workspace name:
  1. Create OneCloud Workspace variables to hold values for your Anaplan Workspace and Model IDs. Suggested variable names:
    • anaplan-workspace
    • anaplan-model

Be sure to use your own values

You will need to use your own Anaplan Workspace and Model ID when setting the variables for the "anaplan-workspace" and "anaplan-model". These values can be retrieved from within Anaplan by opening an Anaplan Model and then choosing "My Account" from the user icon in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Create a PROD environment

In this step please add a new OneCloud environment that will be dedicated to run production-only operations. A leading OneCloud practice is to set the color to red. 

Setting Environment Variables

In the short video above, there is an area where you can override OneCloud Workspace variables. This can be helpful with Anaplan's Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) so that different values are used depending on the environment you are using.

What's Next?

> Create an Anaplan Connection

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