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Common Regular Expressions for CSV

The OneCloud commands Column Filter, Filter Rows, and Find and Replace all have a Pattern type option to use Regular Expressions (a.k.a. “Regex”). Regex is a powerful string of text that allows patterns to be matched and located. Here are some examples:

What does it do?
^Matches beginning of a line.^abc
abc, abcdef..., abc123
$Matches end of a$my:abc, 123abc, theabc
.Match any charactera.cabc, asg, a123c
|OR operatorabc|xyzabc or xyz
(...)Capture anything matched(a)b(c)Captures 'a' and 'c'
[...]Matches anything contained in brackets
[abc]a, b, or c
[a-z]Matches anything between 'a' and 'z'[b-z]bc, mind, xyz
{x}The exact 'x' amount of times to match(abc){2}abcabc
{x,}Match 'x' amount of times or more(abc){2,}
abcabc, abcabcabc
*Greedy match that matches everything in place of the *ab*cabc, abbcc, abcdc
Matches character before '+' one or more timesa+cac, aac, aac
?Matches the character before the '?' zero or one times. Also used as a non-greedy match.ab?cac, abc
\Escape the character after the backslash or create an escape sequence.a\sca c

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