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Environment Setup

Create and Configure OneCloud Environment

Environments are used to manage the lifecycle of OneCloud Chains. Chains can be promoted between Environments, and workspace variables can be set per environment and override the default value. 

Best Practice

Use a development environment to build test your chain, and when the chain is ready, promote to the production environment.

Add an Environment

To add a new Environment, navigate to the OneCloud Home area and click the plus button next to your existing Environments to create a new Environment. 

Environment Configuration

Similar to the Workspace editor, the Environment editor asks for basic information about the Environment that is being created. The interface also provides the capability to override values for the variables that have been set at a Workspace level and to set a color for the Environment.

The Environment name and color will be visible in the upper lefthand corner of every page to provide a visual cue to all users working in a particular Environment.

Edit an Existing Environment

Click the pencil icon next to the name of the Environment you want to edit to make changes to the Environment setup.

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