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XML Command Reference

The XML BizApp helps work with transforming, fetching and converting XML data



BizApp connection for working with XML




Element List to CSV

Converts an element list to a CSV file. Specify the names of the columns and the XPath to the desired value(s) for the column. If multiple values are retrieved for a single column, they will be separated by the chosen delimiter.


Input Type Detail Notes
Input File FileField The input file to parse as XML. If this is set Input Text will be ignored.
Input Text TextField Text to parse as XML. If Input File is set this will be ignored.
Path to root TextField This is the XPath to select the list of elements to be converted to a CSV. All of the XPaths defined in the columns will be relative to this path.
Preview Result BooleanField Preview the created CSV file
Columns GroupField The columns to produce and their corresponding XPaths
Multi-value Delimiter TextField If there are multiple values retrieved for a single XPath in a column, they will be separated by this delimiter.


Output Output Type Notes
Converted File File

Exit Codes

Code Type Detail
0 Success Success
1 Error Error running the command
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