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Microsoft Windows MSI GroundRunner Installation

This section will describe the process of installing a OneCloud GroundRunner on a Microsoft Windows environment via graphical installation (MSI).

Installation Steps

Installation requirements

Requirements: .NET 3.5 or above is installed. If this requirement is not met, then please use Microsoft Windows CLI Installation.

  1. Using Windows' default archive utility, unzip the following file downloaded from OneCloud.
  2. Execute the file
  3. The installer will ask various questions in the following sequence:

    STEP #1 - Click Next

    STEP #2 - Accept the Terms of Use

    STEP #3 - Set the installation location

    STEP #4 - Enter OneCloud Company Token

    STEP #5 - Proceed to the next step. Note that this will confirm Administrative Priveledges on the Windows operating system.

    STEP #6 - Click "Yes" for the User Account Control

    STEP7 - Installation is complete

Post Installation Steps

Running as a Service

Open the Windows Service Manager and start the GroundRunner service:


To remove the OneCloud GroundRunner service simply use the Windows Apps & Features manager in the Windows Settings and uninstall:

Always download the latest GroundRunner

If the OneCloud GroundRunner needs to be installed in the future, simply download a new copy from OneCloud and do not use a previously download versions.

What's Next?

How to Whitelist GroundRunner Domains.

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