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OneCloud Transformations Quick Start

Often times the data from source systems require preparation and data transformation prior to being loaded to another system. To support this requirement, OneCloud offers Tabular Transformation to perform various tasks such as:

  • Column & Row filtering
  • Split & Join columns
  • Find & Replace
  • Add unique row IDs
  • Smart filtering based upon timestamps, numeric values, and text strings
  • Advanced Tabular Query for mapping and lookups

This data transformation quick start guide will walk you through setting up OneCloud to perform various valuable functions to demonstrate how data can be prepped by OneCloud while be transferred from a data source to a target. This quick start guide will have the following exercises:

  1. Basic data transformation and branching logic to split data.
  2. Smart filters for parsing log files and other human-readable datasets.
  3. Advance tabular query to map and blend datasets together based upon standard query language.

Not all sections need to be completed, but some do build off of work from completed prior sections.

How do I get access to OneCloud?

We have made it easy for people interested in OneCloud to get access. Simply visit to spin up your own full-use trial of OneCloud.

If your company is already a OneCloud customer and you would prefer to use your primary OneCloud environment for this tutorial, then please contact your OneCloud system administrator to ensure you are added to a security group with Workspace administrator access. Please contact if you require additional guidance.

TaskSummaryTimeĀ Required
Add Workspace Variables for Data URLsSet up connection parameters to access sample data for the exercises.
Basic Data Transformation Operations
Learn the basics of OneCloud transformations including column transformations and find & replace.
Smart Filters

Learn how OneCloud Smart Filters work and how to use them.

Advanced Tabular Transformation
Create transformations that include using a simple standard query language (SQL) to blend and lookup data.
Advanced JSON Transformation
Learn how to transform JSON data into a tabular format.
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