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Set Result Text

The Set Result Text Chain Event is used to add additional text to a Command, Command Group, or the Chain during Chain execution. This can be used to provide additional information or context to the OneCloud users about specific events in the Chain.

To set the Chain, Command, or Command Group execution text, use the Set Result Text Chain Event. Simply add the Command to your Chain and select the Command or Command Group that should have the text applied. 

Figure 1: Set Result Text - Command 

Additionally, select the Mark Chain option to have the output text applied to the execution result of the Chain.

Figure 2: Set Result Text - Chain

The Set Result Text Event does not need to be directly linked to the Command or Command Group for which the text needs to be applied.  This is illustated by Target dropdown shows in Figure 1 with the List File Contents Command being available to the Set Result Text Event even though the Event is not direcly connected to the List File Content Command as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3: Sample Chain

When the Set Result Text Chain Event is used to specify text for individual Commands within the Chain, the text can be viewed for each Chain execution by clicking on the Command and hovering over the question mark (?) icon next to the Command name on the Output-Input-Log panel.

Figure 4-1: Command Result Text - In Chain

The Command or Chain Text can also be reviewed from the Monitor page.  Expand the Chain execution by clicking on the arrow to the left of the Chain status.   and hover over the question mark in the list of Commands executed within the Chain.

Figure 4-2: Command Result Text - Monitor View

If the Mark Chain option is selected, the Result Text can be viewed from the Monitor page by hovering over the question mark on the Chain execution history.

Figure 5: Chain Result Text

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